They say you never know what you've got 'til it's gone...

Hello world!  I have returned to my beloved blog once again.  It's been awhile.  Here is the lowdown on the last couple of weeks.

Mexico was fantastic.  Monday I had the stomach flu, which was definitely pretty crappy, but that was the only day I was sick and no one else got it.  We spent the whole week doing VBS ministry and really just playing and loving on these kids.  They are really great people, and many of them got saved while we were there.  The boys all preached for the evening services at the church we were working with and that was really good, and everyone's bible lessons for the kids were awesome.  Everything was just awesome.  That was last week.

Now on to this week.  Two of my wisdom teeth were rather rudely cut out of my mouth by some oral surgeon/evil tooth stealer this past Tuesday.  The procedure was fine except I woke up and immediately threw up all of my vital organs because of the anesthesia.  I threw up for a couple hours and then was fine.  It's healing fine, and yes.  Those teeth should never have existed.  I think they are a product of the Fall.  No, actually the fact that they have to be surgically removed (or removed at all for that matter) is a product of the Fall.  Ridiculous I tell you.  I have to go back in a few months and have the other two removed.  Not sure how I feel about the anesthesia this time around, however.

Today I had my check up at the oral surgeon place.  Everything was fine.  Then my family went and visited with my Grammy for a while and played their Wii.  I amt he boxing champion of the universe.  Then I went to Family Christian and got a big collection of Clive books and a CD and part of Andrew's birthday present.  Oh, and a Jesus fishy for The Tater.  Then I went to the pool with my mom and got to hang out with Andrew and three crazy junior high boys.  Peter, Erick, and Colin.  Fun times.  Then I went to Ethan's surprise party.  Ethan is Liz's boyfriend.  Liz is my friend.  So, yes, that was good times, and we had fun doing random things and playing random games and such.  Now I'm home.  Yay!

Tomorrow morning Andrew and his family leave for vacation.  Those who read my blog either already knew that or don't care.  However, just know that I will miss them all (some more than others.  *shrug* I'm not going to lie to you) and that is why I include that in this blog.

Tomorrow we are cleaning out my van.  The Tater is nasty, and needs some ubercleaning.  Like, scrub that sucker with some Comet cleaning.  It's gross.  You know how your parents always made you bathe when you were little and they told you that they loved you nomatter what, but you still had to be clean?  That's sort of how I feel.  I love my van, but it's just no good.  No bien, Se*squigglyn*or, no bien.

Hmm.  It's almost two.  Time for sleep.

Mara Tenille Dickens
The Butterfly Child


  1. Yes, the tater is dirty(althought may now be clean) and also has a very bad attitude. And most of all it is definitely not better than Penelope, that is for sure, new bumber sticker/magnet and all.

  2. I hope your tummy is feeling better.

    Nice tat.

    Write some songs, please.

    Please don't sleep with the beads on.

    I'm going to hijack this blog and post pictures.

  3. Hurrah for Mexico!

    Having any teeth at all extracted is horrible. And I wrote out a massive paragraph and a half about the various horrors of oral surgery and so forth, and then decided that it really isn't constructive to dwell on such things.

    Blue Camry could use some tidying up, as well.

    Maybe I'll do that, once it's running again.