You are like a poem, you can warm the coldest fear...

In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.
  - Paul Dirac

I read this on my Quotes of the Day.  It made me laugh.  I love poetry.

Yesterday I cut my own hair.  I trimmed the bottom, cut my bangs, and added another layer to the top.  It turned out pretty nice.  I like cutting hair a lot.  I'd like to get really good at it.  I think it'd be fun to be able to cut hair.  Hair is fun.

Today we went to church and then went to lunch at Yanni's with lots of friends from church.  It was fun.  I ate so much food though.  Delicious food.  Now I'm really full.

Alivia named her Build-A-Bear after me.  I feel so special now. *laugh*  That little girl is awesome.  She's adorable.  I've always wanted a namesake, too. *giggle*  I can't wait until I have my own little girl.  Being grown up will be fun.  I like being a teenager though.  There are pros and cons of basically everything though.

I don't know what's happening now, but Mom needs the computer.  So bye!

Mara Tenille, the butterfly


  1. I love poetry, but I get bored by modern poetry quite easily. I think the quote applies principally to the more modern method of writing, in general than it does to classical approaches; my personal view is that modern poetry consists too much of meaningful but insufficiently linked metaphorical images and not nearly enough from the art of the weave of words together.

    I cut my own hair on Wednesday, but not so extensively. Hair can be good times.

    Yanni's, eh? Delicious food, but creepy associations, although I seem to remember the old boy (Famous Yanni) maintains some sort of fan presence in your household.

    Except being dead. There really isn't much of a con to that, except for the dying, but what I mean is more that once you've died, you're largely home-free.

  2. See, science is actually worthwhile. ;)

  3. Hey! That line is from one of YOUR songs. Now it's stuck in my head.

    I enjoy poetry when I can grasp its meaning.

    It was fun shopping with you yesterday. I wonder if "Mom, let's just get the dress from WalMart; it is a lot less money" has ever been uttered at Jordan Creek before. You may have torn some hole in the fabric of the shopping mall universe with that comment. *laugh*

    I really like the non-WalMart dress you ended up with. *smile* I wish we could have gotten that other one as well. It was so cute. But you're right. It was definitely less fairy princessish.

    My jaw still hurts.


  4. When you post updates like that on Facebook it makes me wake you up in the middle of the night to make sure you're OK. *Momstare*

    And you were sleeping with your head under the covers. Just so you know.

    I hope you're alright. You were incoherent. *frown*

  5. I keep forgetting to tell you! I met that bear! Or sort of. I saw her with it and then Mr. and Mrs. Hauge were telling Mrs. R and I about it. I was not making the connection at all until they told me its name. Little girls are so awesome.

    Your phone is ringing. [/Relient K]

    OK, that's all I had. *air kiss*

    P.S. Leo just informed me that all of you kids are 9% Cherokee. Apparently, Grammy, I mean the Bingo Mistress, told him. *laugh*