I love the way that we laugh until we cry and dance until we die...

I am in a thoughtful mood today.  I need to write some poetry or something.

I need to find music for Thief by Third Day.  Does anyone have it?  Otherwise I'm probably going to try and find sheet music to buy.  Or just not have piano.  That song is made for piano though.  Ugh.

Connect Four is the best.

You know what sounds fantastic right now?  Some comfy pajama pants and a glass of hot chocolate.  Mmhmm.  Good stuff.

My computer is being sort of nuts.  It's got issues.  I wish it would be normal and fixed.

The Almost is a good band.  I like them.  The beginning of the CD is better than the end, in my opinion, but I also haven't listened to the end as much, so it might just be that.  Maybe the end is really good.  I should listen to it more.

I haven't listened to Copeland in a long time.  You know what that is?  That's depressing, is what it is.



  1. I've been in a thoughtful/angsty mood for a few days straight (on a sidenote, I overheard a discussion of "angst" and the original pronunciation was the way I say it, although that's a more Germanic form) but I don't think I shall write poetry.

    I do not have sheet music for any Third Day song. I tend to avoid Third Day.

    The best? Really? It's good, but I don't know if it's the best. *uncertainty* I KNOW! I WILL BE A POST-MODERNIST PHILOSOPHER, AND SAY THAT IT MIGHT BE YOUR BEST BUT IT ISN'T MINE.

    Best of what, incidentally? Considering that "best" is a superlative adjective.

    You know what the best part is about that particular breed of "you know what would be fantastic right now"? The best part is that you can quite easily make that particular dream come true, and then there you are, all set.

    May your computer soon be a maximized image of its former glory.

    I agree. The second half of the album is fine, but it doesn't measure up to the first bit.

    Nor I. Copeland is easy to stop listening to, for some reason.

  2. If I had the recording I might be able to figure it out, I don't remember hearing the song before though.