Hello, I swear I won't be too long...

Today was a weird day.  I didn't like it very much.  But that happens, and we live on.

The Almost is a good band.  Right now I'm listening to Dirty and Left Out.  Good stuff, I tell you.

Today we decided ('we' being me and Mom and Sophie) that instead of saying "I swear, _______" (real life example: "I swear these eyelashes are shorter than these ones!") we would say "I tell you the truth", because Jesus said not to swear, and because he was always saying "I tell you the truth".  Since we want to emulate Christ, this seemed like a wise path to take.

I seriously think the eyelashes on my right eye are shorter than the ones on the left.  Or maybe it's vice-verse.  It's hard to tell when the only time I ever really see my eyelashes is in a mirror, and then I get confused.

Algebra test tomorrow!  W00t!

Mara Tenille
PS) In case you're confused, or I appear to be confused, this was written yesterday.


  1. I'd posted this here, but then thought it would be better in my own severely neglected blogger. It is a continuation of what we talked about the other day.


  2. And it's the weirdest thing that days like that end, and go away, and are over.

    He are.

    That does seem like a wise path to take, although I don't really use either one, since Mennonites of my stripe have an obsession with not saying "I swear". There is a court provision for people of said conviction, and when my pastor was testifying in court about a hit-and-run incident he came upon, he didn't swear, he affirmed. Odd, that.

    It's good to know, just in case some wretch ever tries to impersonate you; "Aha! Your eyelashes are the same length! You're no Mara Tenille Dickens!" etc.

    I don't think Algebra tests would excite me. They didn't depress me either, but I rarely leapt like a small lamp, and capered about.

  3. Just to clarify, the "I tell you the truth..." conversation was a humorous aside over a sandwich at Subway. Jesus' words are to be taken very seriously. The point was more that we ought not be so flippant in our speech. It's along the same vein as the "What the heck?" conversation we had yesterday. Which, by the way, has since made me very conscious of it and now I'm aware of other people saying it. I heard it several times last night at youth group. Odd, the things we don't pick up on when we're not thinking about it.

    I am prayerfully inserting your name into this psalm this morning, girly. :)

    May my cry come before you, O LORD; give me understanding according to your word.

    May my supplication come before you; deliver me according to your promise.

    May my lips overflow with praise,
    for you teach me your decrees.

    May my tongue sing of your word,
    for all your commands are righteous.

    May your hand be ready to help me,
    for I have chosen your precepts.

    Psalm 119:169-173

    Bonus: Today is Proverbs 31 day! Do you know that you and Sophie each have a verse that belongs to you? Well, you do. Yours is Proverbs 31:25.

    She is clothed with strength and dignity;
    she can laugh at the days to come.

    Something has stuck with me this morning from praying with you last night. Songs. I am excited about the songs God wants to give you. I meant what I said. His garment of praise is going to look really special on you.

    I am also praying for your eyes. I know how much that stinks.

    Pretend this is a note on supercute paper in your lunch box.


  4. I tell you the truth, Mara, I've never noticed your eyelash issue, not even one little bit. "What in the world" could that mean?! Maybe that I'm not paying close enough attention, maybe that I'm not making good eye contact, maybe that YOUR BANGS ARE IN YOUR EYES AND I CAN'T SEE YOUR EYELASHES. Oops, the Mom in me just came out. *smirk*
    Seriously, your eyes are beautiful and your hair is perfect. Just havin' a bit of fun.
    Hugs to you.
    Free in Him,
    Summer Lee
    PS Oh yeah, I AM confused but then again, I usually am.