I'm racking my brain for a new, improved way to let you know you're more to me than what I know how to say...

Today Kacy Bass hid my lunch in the trellis that covers the florescent lights in the Chicken Shed. I had to stand on the counter to get it down, and even then I had to stand on my tip toes to get it down. By then, my <s>string</s> stick cheese was all warm and smooshy and nasty. Also, he bit into my carrots and then spit them back in the bag. That's also really nasty. So all I had for lunch was a bagel, but then I got some pretzels and a 100 Calorie pack of those Oreo chips from the back so it was better. Kacy Bass, while he is hilarious, is not on good terms with me right now. *stare* Just kidding.

I have been super good about writing lately. That makes me really excited, because maybe possibly I will be able to get some songs written. New songs are exciting. They mean I get to experiment with new things and try stuff out and mess with my fun instruments and be creative. I like that.

Tomorrow I'm going to the dinner theatre at North Polk for the musical. Bethany is the lead (she'll make a good Annie) and a couple other girls from church are in it. I'm excited. I'm going to wear my awesome new brown skirt. I got it for $5 at the Bass outlet in Williamsburg. It's tag said $40. Clearance sales rock.

I wish I was good at drawing. Speaking of drawing, here is a doodle I made. I'm working on coloring it in with the computer just for fun, so I'll post that when it's finished. For now, here's the original notebook-with-red-pen-I-was-bored-so-I-drew-some-stuff version.

Mara Tenille


  1. Three things!

    1. I love, love, lovelovelove the background you designed for the computer. It's adorable and makes me long for summer. I want to keep staring at it. The colors remind me of cotton candy. *laugh*

    2. I found a scrap of paper from the Thanksgiving of your 2nd grade year. It is a list of all the things we said we were thankful for. *grin* HERE IS YOUR LIST!!!

    our friendship
    my dad
    the world
    my doll
    my silly sister
    our beb's (???)
    Zach, Tanner and Caleb


    3. Ben F. is getting married in June or July. *stare* Can you believe that?!? He's such a young whippersnapper! Oh,yeah. Sarah reads this sometimes. SARAH. YOUR BROTHER...THE ONE WITH NICE KNEES...IS GOING TO BE A HUSBAND. Do you get a fancy dress out of the deal?

  2. String cheese ruination is tragic. I am saddened.

    Hurrah! I have been uber-slow and unproductive about writing, lately; I am envious.

    Musicals and 87% off are equally and in very different respects lovely.

    I say you are good at drawing, only perhaps not in the style of the classic realists, and I would know, wouldn't I?

  3. Warm string cheese is just sad. :(

    But that doodle is really cute. I love the little pacman guy!

    Ooh, yeah, only like 100 days left until the wedding...
    I get a fancy schmancy dress, and a ridiculously cool extended family out of the deal. *eyebrow wiggle*
    I am not going to start bragging about their coolness though. It would make for a really long comment, which would break my sneaky lurkerness.

  4. Mara, you should post your new background so Sarah and I can love it together. I know she will.

    Is $35 off of $40 really 87%?

    And actually, technically, the $40 price tag was probably the outlet store price. It's original retail price was probably more like $60. Which doesn't matter because it was still only $5.

    QUESTION: What is the pen writing in your doodle? *squint*

  5. Approximately, yes.

    Besides, even if it weren't the correct percentage, 87% off would still be a great deal.