The pictures you took that covered your room...

Here is the desktop wallpaper I made yesterday. The dandelion's awesomeness was achieved through a random series of filters and stuff that I will probably never be able to duplicate. So just know that this is a one-of-a-kind work of art and nothing will ever be like it.

Mara Tenille


  1. You didn't say that. *points up*

    I said that.

  2. *clap*

    The song that goes with that line is so very pretty.

    Clap loudly for Liz, Em and Bethany for me!!!

    I didn't know I could click on things on here and make them bigger. Click it Sarah!!

    OH! Next time you see Mrs. Rietgraf, ask her what "BRB" means. *giggle*

  3. AAHHH!

    It doesn't quite look like it, but that was a shriek of delight right there.

    ...It's a dandelion. *giggle* And it is so very floaty.

  4. Zounds. That's absolutely smashing, stunning and praiseworthy to the superlative degree.

    I'm glad you don't remember how you achieved that effect, it would seem cheaper if you could do that whenever you jolly well pleased, right?

  5. This song is so cute. Stellar Kart is pretty happy sounding.

    Ahem. So. Based on our talk this afternoon is it reasonable to look forward to a "Deep Thoughts by Mara Dickens" post?

    If that question feels like too much pressure to deliver, then just pretend it never happened. Use this action: *erases Mara's memory*