Forget what we're told before we get too old...

I cut my hair all off!  Well, not actually all of it, but the back is all razored and the sides are a little longer than chin length.  I've had similar cuts before and I really like it, and I hope to stick with it for a while.  I'm dying it tonight and then it'll be even better.  Half an inch of mousy brown is showing right now.  Bad news.  Turning it all into dark auburn is good news.

I don't really know why I'm blogging right now, because I really don't have anything to say.  I think I am just trying to not neglect my blog and the few people who read it.  Wouldn't want to bore anyone or anything.  Not that I'm very interesting to read about.

I am going to Women of Faith in a couple weeks.  I'm kind of excited.  I was more excited, but now I'm not as much for some reason.  I am just bipolar, maybe, or something like that.

I am watching American Idol.  It's boring.  These guys aren't very good.  I only like three or four singers (Didi Benami is my number 1 favorite so far) out of the top 24, and I think they're all girls.  That is, however, a vast improvement from last year, when I didn't like a single singer on the entire show.  Ultimately, I just miss Jason Castro, and that's my only real feeling about American Idol.  Jason Castro was the best.  Too bad he couldn't sing loud songs.

Work is still going well.  I only have Alex and Jacob this week, which is nice.  In three weeks I'll only have Anna and Gabe, which will also be fun.  Today Jacob was crabby and wouldn't sleep.  His teeth are hurting him.

Awww, man.  This guy singing Snow Patrol is bad.  I will write him a note.

Dear Mr. Deweezee or whatever your name is,
You pick good songs but you should hit your notes better, please.
Sincerely, Mara

Simon likes him.  He must sound different in person.  Hrmph.

Enough about American Idol.  Hair dying time hopefully is soon.  Mom is supposed to help me.  I would just do it myself but it's easier when I have help.

I am done with this lame, boring blog post.  I will put you all out of your misery.  Hahaha.

Mara Tenille

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