You've been given the green light to go entertain them, they're waiting for you...

For Andrew, the title to this blog is a little sneak peak to his Valentine's Day present.  Every year I make him a mix tape (it's actually a CD but calling it a mix tape just seems cooler) with cover art and a little sleeve booklet and everything.  I mean, I go all out and like, take the jewel case apart and measure stuff and print double-sided things and all that.  It's a pretty big deal.  This year is only the second year I've done it, but I decided before I even did it last year that it was going to become a Valentine's Day tradition.  I like picking the songs and I LOVE designing the cover art.  I think Andrew likes it, because I worked really hard on getting it all finished tonight, and it was kind of exhausting because I was stressing so much about making it perfect.  I think it paid off.

Valentine's Day is a weird holiday.  Lots of people hate it.  I don't really care if people hate it, but when those people make sure everyone knows that they hate Valentine's Day any time it comes up, that's pretty lame.  Because I actually like Valentine's Day.  Not so much all the floofy pink hearts and whatnot, and not so much with all the marketing and hype, but just the idea of having a day to celebrate being in love.  Call me cheesy, but I think it's sweet.  And really, the people who don't have a "significant other" aren't really any worse off than those that do, in my opinion.  At least, not enough that they need to complain and whine about it to those of us who have boyfriends/girlfriends/wives/husbands/etc.  That's just silly and rude.  But I guess somehow we're discriminating against all the loners or something.  I don't really know what I'm talking about though, and it's really late so I am probably not even forming totally coherent sentences and stuff.  Meh. Whatever.

I have a cold.  I caught it from one of the munchkins.  My nose is raw and irritated from using terrible Kleenex.  I sound ridiculous when I talk.  But I did learn that even though Vicodin has no effect on me whatsoever, Dollar General brand night time cold medicine knocks me out.  Good stuff to know.  It's been nice to take that instead of sleeping pills.  Sleeping pills just make me groggy and mindless.  At least, they did the few times I tried to take them.  I don't sleep any better and I end up miserable and unable to function the next day.  But anyway, all that aside, colds are just stupid, and I wish they would all go die in a hole.

Work this week was good.  On Thursday Anna was sick, so we were at the other house with just Jake, Alex, and Gabe.  That was pretty fun.  Gabriel didn't eat or sleep well, but I think maybe he was just overwhelmed with all the new things.  He'd never been over to that house before so it will be a big transition.

Time to try and sleep.  What will win, caffeine or cold meds?

Mara Tenille


  1. Yay! I am excited for my mix-tape/cd. I hope you like your gift. I am nervous about it. I like Valentine's Day too. :) Although maybe that doesn't quite count as a vote since I AM your significant other haha. Well, for what it is worth... (And your posting thing always hates me)

  2. Pretty sure cold meds won. *laugh*

    I am sorry about your lil' nose. Mine is in similar condition.

    People without a husband/wife/bf/gf are not "loners", but I may be defining the term differently than you. *laugh* I do understand what you're saying, though, and I do agree. Unfortunately, I think it can be a legitimately difficult "holiday" for those who have lost their spouse or who have been hurt or who are longing to have someone. It's always good to be sensitive in view of those situations. And it HAS become way too commercial and pressure-filled. Especially as women, our expectations can be silly and unreasonable. All that said, bitter diatribes against Valentine's Day? Me thinks they doth protest too much. ;) I'll keep my idiotic observance of love. *laugh*

    I like your new pink shirt. Perfect color for Valentine's Day.