No one expects you to get up, all on your own with no one around...

The second half of The Fray's first CD might be my favorite chunk of an album ever.  Not that there is anything wrong with the first half, but Look After You, Vienna, Dead Wrong, Little House, and Trust Me are some of my favorite songs, and the combination of them is almost perfect.  Look After You was even featured on Andrew's Valentine's Day mix CD, which I can actually show you now.  So, here's the cover art (which is looking more brightish light blue than the slate grey blueish color that it is in reality) and also the track list:

  1. Breaker by Alex Arthur
  2. Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional
  3. Testing the Strong Ones by Copeland
  4. Snowbirds and Townies by Further Seems Forever
  5. Suicide Baby by House of Heroes
  6. The Ocean by Mae
  7. Vanilla Twilight by Owl City
  8. Firefly by Jimmy Needham
  9. I Hated Prom by Transistor Radio
  10. Haight Street by Anberlin
  11. Look After You by The Fray
  12. Broken by Lifehouse
  13. Sunday by Bebo Norman
  14. The City Lights by Umbrellas
I happen to think it's a pretty good collection of songs.  I tried to stick a few happy songs in there, like Firefly and I Hated Prom, so it wouldn't seem really depressing.  Alex Arthur, who wrote and sings Breaker, seemed concerned that it was too depressing a song for me to put it on a mix CD for my boyfriend.  But it has lots of good lines that aren't depressing.  When I'm with you, my heart is home.  I don't find that depressing, personally.  Maybe in the context of the rest of the song it is, or maybe to Alex it is, but regardless I think it's a beautiful song and so it kicked off the CD.  Alex is a friend of a friend who used to live in Ames and played (plays?) in a band called Keep and Confess.  They play metaly screamy music, so it may be a little shocking that he wrote and recorded such a pretty acoustic song.  But I think it's pretty awesome that he can do both.  So anyway, yes, if you don't know that song, that's probably why.  To hear it you can go to Alex's MySpace.  Other songs you may not know... I Hated Prom is by a band called Transistor Radio.  They disbanded a year or so ago.  They were actually a band that I found on PureVolume years ago, and this was one of their original songs before they ever got signed or recorded a CD or anything.  I like it.  You can't find it anywhere online anymore, so I don't have any way for you to listen to it.  It's kind of a cute, prom-y song.  This year will be the last time Andrew and I go to prom, so it was fitting.  Prom is kind of a big deal when you never thought you'd get to go.  But anyway, I think you can find all those other songs pretty easily if you want to check them out.  I recommend all of them.

Tomorrow morning my hair is getting chopped off.  I miss short hair.  It will be pretty different than what I've done before, but I'm really excited.

That's all for now.


  1. OH MY GOODNESS I am so happy I am back and get to read your awesome blog, and all. :)

  2. It is a pretty awesome playlist. I like it lots. I am excited to see your hair in a couple hours here. :)