This is it, this is the last dance, but you don't have to go on this clear and starry night...

I am blogging right now.  I'm making myself.  I don't know why I feel obligated to keep posting things, but for whatever reason I have to do it.  It's just what I do now, I guess, and not doing it feels off.  I guess it is just how I unwind.  I don't journal or anything.  I just blog.  I guess blogging is a sort of journal, except in public, and typing is less work than hand-written stuff.  Although I really love to hand-write things.  Really a lot.  I wish I hand wrote things more.  But like I was saying, I am just used to blogging, and I'm used to blogging as an outlet for the "daily grind" kind of stuff and just my thoughts and feelings on things.  So, I keep doing it, because it's just what I do.  Read it or leave it.

Andrew and I are going to breakfast tomorrow.  Really early in the morning.  I will be leaving my house half awake, makeupless and possibly unshowered at 5:50 AM.

I had something I was going to rant about and I forgot what it was.  Hmm.  Guess I'll just keep talking about boring things.

My prom dress came today!  I won't post pictures here until prom rolls around, but I'll tell you that it's super pretty and super long!  Kim's mom is going to hem it for me and take it in and whatever else it needs.  It's awesome though.  For real.  I am excited for prom.  I hope it is as fun as last year was.  I already think the group is going to be pretty different, but I'm still excited.  Lots of people I know complain about prom being lame.  I think they need to have more imagination.

Click here to watch a cool video of Glenn Wiedenhoeft from the news the other day.  Mr. W is my friend Ben's dad.  Ben plays drums in Atombender, a ska band from Ames, and he used to play drums in The Final Pardon back when we existed.  They have the greatest back yard ever.  Even more so now that Mr. Wiedenhoeft has made it so awesome.

That is all!


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