Oh, let the world crash, love can take it...

This song inspires me.

I am trying to figure out what size I would need in this shoe.  I'm definitely going for Peacock as far as color, and it's looking like I'll need a 7 based on what I've read about sizing.  They are to take to Mexico with me so I am closed-toed but still cozy.  Plus they're super cute, as opposed to the normal, uber ugly Crocs that I will get if this falls through.  I really don't mind a pair of normal Crocs, but these are more fun.

This place needs to be redecorated.  I'm getting bored with this color scheme.  I'm going to get on that right now.

My hair rocked today.  Then I swam it all out.  I will take pictures of it awesomely someday.

VBS skits are going to rock your faces off.  The videos are so amazing.  You can see them on www.gracehuxley.com once they're finished, I think.



  1. I applaud your stepping out and standing up against the tide of comfortable ugliness in favor of form and function rolled into one.

    The last time I redecorated my blog, it came out looking dreadful, and I haven't changed it since. In other words, it still looks dreadful.

  2. I like the new design. Threw me for a second, but I like it.

  3. OH! Look at the pretty blogger! I do miss the music, though...

    You may order your shoes today. [/Dad approved]

    The mouse Em gave us is starting to go crazy.

    We need to watch Music Man this week so we can send it back. I don't think your dad will watch it since I made him watch Mary Poppins two weeks ago. He's probably met his musical quota for the...year. *laugh*

    I'm calling the oral surgeon this morning. Because I am so organized (*cough*), I think you might want to pick out a couple of movies from Netflix so we can have them here when you are resting.