Boys speak in rhythm and girls in code...

Good song.

Today I went scrapbooking with Marisa. It was pretty awesome. I did one page, another TFP one (this one is of our first show, the battle of the bands at Blinks. The other set is of Ames Christian's anti-prom thing.) and started a page for homecoming with Andy. The BOTB one is pretty awesome. It has a cool cream and red patterned paper (it's sort of hard to describe the pattern in words, so I'll have to try and take a picture of it or something) with blueish mats. I would scan it but it's 12x12, which is bigger than my scanner. The homecoming one is going to be adorable once I finish it. I'd like to try and put it together tonight, but we'll see if that actually happens or not. It's on a black and white flower paper and I made some cute little blue and red daisy things to embellish it with. Pretty cute. I also got a bunch of mats that come in a set (it's called a Mat Stack...hehe!) which are pretty awesome, too. So it was good stuff.

My family went to the pool without me. Losers. Just kidding.

It's funny when you see a person a lot, and then you all of a sudden see them a lot less, and then you have to transition into other ways of communication regularly. Like, emailing people you normally see every day. It's just sort of strange feeling, just because it's so different. It's not necessarily bad, just odd.

I am so pumped to get my baseball shirt. That's probably sort of pathetic. Hahaha.

Oh. Hey. Guess what? My hair... is all gone. Chopped off. I had Liz cut it short. Muahahahahaha. Sorry if you hate me. Ben (my little 8-year-old guitar pupil) hates it, but so far everyone else doesn't seem to mind too much. Here are a couple photos so you can understand the drastic change. I like it, but it won't stay like this forever. It's mostly just for a fun, spontaneous change. Not permanent. But I like it.

Mara Tenille
The Butterfly Child


  1. I think your hair looks awesome.

  2. Changing methods of communication with a friend is always a peculiar adjustment.

    I think the haircut suits you quite well.

  3. I like the hair. I hope you never lose the ability to make a change like that impulsively. It's a fun thing to do.
    Summer Lee

  4. Pic #1: You.Are.So.Gangsta. *laugh*

    I still want you to post the one where you're kissing your bicep.

  5. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    That one was me, not Mara.