If you'd just realize what I just realized...

Hola! Como estas?

Today I went to the pool, where I got sunburned. That was fun. Someone pooped in the pool which is NASTY and they kicked us all out and then after that I was pretty grossed out so I was done. Then we went to a baseball game (two actually, JV and Varsity) which was good times. JV lost, but Andrew made the first run, even though he didn't hit the ball for it. And he stole third at one point. Stealing bases makes me excited. Varsity won and we all cheered and me and Sierra
and Jessica and Erick shared a quart carton of chocolate milk. Here's a photo.

I have bubble gum stuck to my lips because I blew a bubble and it exploded on me.

Tomorrow = consultation with my oral surgeon about my wisdom teeth and more swimming and filming for VBS.

That's about it.



  1. Love the photo!! Especially the cute kid wearing the baseball cap. Where do you get such good-looking friends?!
    Chocolate milk is good, but Diet Dr. Pepper is better...then, of course, there's always The Nectar...you know what I 'm talking about.

    Are you having your wisdom teeth taken out? I'll buy you ice cream if you do.
    Free in Him,
    Summer Lee

  2. Of course the picture isn't quite perfect without me. ;) (inside joke) Right Mrs. Vespestad?

  3. love that picture. i am just glad i didn't kill you guys driving sierra's car. Where's reverse lol (inside joke)Choclate milk is awesome.

  4. You are sunburned.

    Wouldn't it be nice if our clothes didn't have to touch our skin? I mean, I kind of like the security of feeling them touch my skin, but in times like these it would be kind of handy if that were optional.

    Bra straps hurt.

    Sorry, guys. [/Girlworld]

  5. OK, who keeps putting dollar bills in the Adventureland jar? You aren't taking them from my purse, are you? *narrows eyes*

    If so, you must reeeally want to ride a rollercoaster...

  6. I'm tempted to conjecture and postulate about the psychology of the individual (as Jeeves would put it) who would do such a thing in a pool. The thought process necessary to get from Point A (normal pool-going fun) to Point B (sewage) is astronomically mind-boggling.

    There is nothing in the world that compares to high school athletics. Stealing bases is pretty dang exciting, speaking objectively.;)

  7. I just sent you some really nerdy math flair. *pumps fist*