Starved for your attention

(This is stolen from my other blog, so if it doesn't make sense that's why.)

HI GUYS I AM ALL BACK AND STUFF!!!!!!!11!!!1!1!!!!1

I am in school. Mrs. Ronca is getting copies made of our lesson. Then we will actually do something. Until then, I am here. Yay!

Small and I had a nice morning meeting today.

Today is class colors day. No one told me this. I should have worn green. I have camo pants on, so that kind of counts. Tomorrow is superhero day (Mom, ask Sophie if she has a Superman shirt that I can wear. Otherwise I might steal one from Leo or Ian), Wednesday is wacky Wednesday or something (I have no idea what I'll wear for that), Thursday is Rock Star day (psh. I just have to act normal for that one. ), and Friday is Ballard stuff day. So. Tomorrow I will steal a superhero shirt from one of my siblings, Wednesday I will probably just wear weird colors and do something funny to my hair, Thursday I'll get all punk and stuff (I should totally try and find an inflatable guitar. That.Would.Be.Hilarious.), and Friday I'll just wear one of my 2 Ballard shirts (should I wear my tennis shirt or my football shirt?).

My throat hurts. It's all scratchy feeling. I'm going to make some tea when I get home.

I might go get ice cream with some of my bestest (I'm totally allowed to say 'bestest', right?) friends. I would meet Emily at DMACC and then go with her to pick up Andy and Sierra from school, and then we would go get ice cream. I like ice cream. I also like Emily, Andy, and Sierra. See? It'll be fantastic.

Tonya isn't here. Hmm. I don't see her, at least. Maybe she's on the other side of the computer lab where I can't see.

I am starving. I forgot a snack. It's early out today, but I don't know what that means for me. I don't think anything changes. There might not be advisors. But I don't really know so I'll just wander until the bell rings.

There's a guy here that calls me Homeschool. He swears a lot.

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