Change is coming, no, it's nothing personal

I'm at school. We had a quiz today in graphic design. It was interesting. I'm not totally sure how I did, but we'll see.

Today is Wednesday. Yesssss! I have to pack lots of stuff before Lighthouse and small group. For the trip. Ugh. I hate packing. It's almost as bad as unpacking.

My fingernails are so weird and gross. They're like... messed up. Yeah. I guess it's a good thing I'm a musician and my fingers aren't required to be pretty.

It is really, really cold in here.

Everyone is playing games.

I keep accidentally hitting weird shortcuts and opening things. It's a little strange.

I can almost type without looking at the keyboard now. I'm smart like that.

Here ends the random sentences.


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  1. I hate unpacking.

    Hi Mara. Further Seems Forever is a good band.