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So, it's been a few days since I last posted. I suppose that's because not a lot has gone on. But since I try to update this fairly often, I'll try to make the last few days sound interesting.

Yesterday was Monday. I don't really like Mondays all that much. Driver's Ed was stupid, just like it was last week, school was slightly annoying, although we did start a cool project in Graphic Design that I finished today. It's some kind of cool collage deal that's made up of stuff that we cut out and stuck on to other stuff. I'm sure my fabulous description makes it clear. Or something.

Overflow was good on Sunday night. Pastor Gabe is off being in the Air Force doing weird military training things so he won't be back for a couple weeks. While we all miss him, youth group was still good and Mrs. V did an excellent job teaching. Next week Uncle Steve is teaching, and he's using a song that I really like called "MySpace" by Eleventyseven. That song is hilarious. I'm excited.

I am going to be gone this weekend. We're going camping (ugh) on Lake Rathbun in cabins that are nice and such. We're going to be there with my parent's old small group and their families. There are two or three kids my age, and hopefully they won't get out of coming like I tried to do. Haha. Anyway, I'm trying to make the most of it. I should try and get Em or Sierra to come help me pack. Eh. I can just do it myself I guess. But that's so much less fun.

I am the worship leader for See You At The Pole and Ballard High this year. I am very excited. I talked to the coordinating student leader whatever dude today about it, and basically it looks like the music and everything is up to me. Which is always cool, because then we all get to sing the songs that I like. *laugh* Anyway, it's going to be quite cool and I am very excited.

I am also leading worship for Overflow on Sunday night. Andrew is playing bass, which is awesome because he's really good and that way if I mess up it isn't as obvious. I don't really know what songs I'm going to do, so tomorrow I will get Gabe's book of songs after Ichthus and then hopefully pick some, maybe steal some for my trip and then let Andrew know what the deal is. Of course, if I don't pick any it will probably be fine, but it's always better to know ahead of time I guess.

Those last three paragraphs started with "I am". Which just shows how much I am doing over the next week or so. Or something like that. I'm not really that busy, it just seems like it. Or maybe I'm really busy compared to the rest of the world, but I don't know it. Or maybe I'm just a homeschooled loser with no life so anything I do that's not normal makes me busy. Whatever, I guess.

I am currently listening to a Weird Al parody. It's called "You're Pitiful". It's hilarious. I need to send it to Jason because I think he'll laugh at it. I also need to send him the zip file of that one ninja font that I promised him like, weeks ago. I like funny things. I need to watch more Homestar Runner, because that's one of the funniest things on the face of the internet. Does the internet have a face? What does it's face look like? It is a boy or a girl? Oooh, Mara asks nice, thought-provoking questions.

I am going to make a seperate blog post with my packing list on it so you can all see it. Because I'm weird like that.

I also need to ask Ben how to add a signature to Blogger. Ryan, do you know how to do that? I can't figure out how. Not that I've looked very hard or anything, but why would I look for something that I know someone else can find? Man. I'm lazy.

Is this long enough? I think so.


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