We will come out when it's safe for us...

I am going to learn how to crochet this week. FOR REAL. It is going to be rockin'. I bought some supplies and everything and a book to teach me and I looked up some cute patterns, and soon I will get yarn, and then I will be all set. Woo hoo!

I got some eyeshadow on Etsy today. It was very nearly free. I basically paid $2 for shipping. I needed eyeshadow, too, so that is a good thing. I need an eyeshadow brush, and then my makeup collection will be set for awhile.

Soon I am going to budget out all of the money I am making. Here is the rough draft:

20% - save/not to be spent
40% - save for guitar
10% - give to Jesus
10% - gas
20% - checking account/to be spent if needed

If I save 40% for my guitar, then I should have around $560 in a month towards that. That means that I could conceivably have the money for a very nice guitar by the fall. I like that idea a lot. I am thinking that 40% is pretty high though, so I might end up doing more like 30% and then adding that other 10% to the not-to-be-spent fund. 30% is still a lot, and it wouldn't really take me that much longer to get my guitar that way, and since I am not even totally sure what kind of guitar I want yet that is not really a big deal at all. So maybe I will do that. I don't really know how to budget so this is totally just me pondering. Hahaha. I hope I don't sound like a fool.

I miss Bass.

Today I downloaded a music editing program called Acid Express. I am excited to see if it is cool or not. I haven't ever used one of these fun looping program things, so it should be a fun time.

Mara the Butterfly

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  1. Acid is a totally fun program. I am sure that the express version is as well.

    I learned some crocheting when I was in college. It was super fun. I wish I had kept doing it. I would be an all-pro by now.