I'm not a princess, this ain't a fairy tale...

Sorry for the Taylor Swift.  It was stuck in my head.
I am sleepy from my drugs.
Had my last two wisdom teeth out today.  It was not as terrible as I expected, which was nice.  I have been hungry sort of all day though, and I'm not sure if that is just because I haven't really eaten very much at once or the drugs or what.  Anyway, no throwing up this time, which was good.  I have been popping my pain killers regularly (well, twice now) but it hasn't really hurt much so far.  I am just ready for my face to not be numb anymore.  It's not a very big spot that is numb still, but it is annoying, and I feel like I keep chewing on my lip accidentally.
Andrew came over today to keep me company.  We watched the first 2 X-Men movies.  I love those.  He also brought me a surprise.  While Rick and Rich and Brandon were in New Orleans, Andrew had them look to see if they could get another mask like the one I had for prom, and they did!  I was so excited.  I was sort of groggy, so I hope Andrew didn't think I wasn't really happy.  That was so sweet of him, and I am so excited to finally (sort of) have my mask back.
Tomorrow is Manda and Chad's garage sale.  If I am not still on drugs I want to go to it, but obviously if I'm still popping Darvocet I will not be driving anywhere.  So, hopefully that will work out.  I hope they sell lots of stuff.
I had some delicious food today.  I ate lots of applesauce and Jell-O and pudding.  I ate some normal food, too, but not a lot because my face was stil numb enough that chewing took lots of concentration.
I am getting closer to picking a laptop.  I am excited about that.
Oh yes!  My graduation party was lovely.  I think everyone had lots of fun.  I was pretty tuckered out from talking to all those people, but it was still good.  I am not much of a small talk person.  Talking about worthless things is a lot of work for me.  But all in all, everything went really well.  And the food was delicious.  And the decorations were cute.  And I had a good time.
Well, now I am going to play some Klondike with my iPod and then go to sleep.  Love you all!
Mara Tenille


  1. I can recommend Dell and Toshiba. And that's all. :)

    I think I will need to have some wisdom teeth pulled soon. This is something I do not look forward to. But hey, maybe they can fix that one janky tooth that is in the back row. (By itself, of course.)

  2. Glad to hear the wisdom tooth thing went better this time around. Do you get to put them under your pillow? Owen found a tooth he had saved, and was going to try to put under his pillow again. I told him the tooth fairy doesn't work that way.

    You've got yourself a very sweet and thoughtful boyfriend!!

  3. Grogginess is not fun in the least, but laptops are not not fun in the least, so I think it all evens out. Taylor Swift is a straight-up either-or-neither nor.

    In short, it all appears to even out.
    (I'm groggy.)