Don't be shocked that people die, be surprised you're still alive...

Best line from Cassie ever.  Loveloveloveloveit.

Today was interesting.  Here's why:

Website issues.  I am so irked.  That's all I'm going to say about it.

Work.  Did lots of stuff.  It was good.

Tennis.  Good.  I like watching it.  Andrew won both matches.  It was seriously awesome.

Came home.  Didn't miss any American Idol.  Definitely went at least 5 over the speed limit to make it.  Kept getting stuck behind slow people.  Missed the beginning of Jason Castro because I was "doing laundry" during the commercial break.

Someone *cough* hasn't called me back yet.

Still can't find my pink tank top and my awesome hoodie.  I did find my hobo hoodie though, which is good, but it doesn't make up for the stuff that's missing.  Grrrrrr.  So irritating.

Supergroup practice potentially Friday.  6th hour.  Fun times, but if I do something with Sawyer and the gang it means no solo effort, which is sort of a bummer since I was contemplating doing Flyleaf.  I'm into the acoustic version of Cassie right now, as you may have guessed, and I thought it would be a nifty song to play in front of the school.  Albeit gutsy, but who every said that was a bad thing?

So, that's all that I can think of. T here was probably more, but I'm not going to try and remember, because it was probably not a big deal.  Not that the things I said already are a big deal or anything, they're just in the front of my mind.

I am uberfantasticallycrazily excited for Saturday. KNOW WHY? 'Cause I'm singin' in a wedding!  W00t!  I tell you the truth (heh), I am crazy pumped for it.  And!  I get to scratch it off of my list of things to do before I die.  Which rocks you in the face with a bowstaff.  Yessssss.  So. Excited.  For realz0rz.

My fingernails look like tomato soup.

Mara Tenille
The Butterfly Child


  1. Facial bruises notwithstanding, I'm still massively envious of your wedding-singing. It is still on my list, undone, and without any leads for the near future.

    I seethe, therefore, in my envy.

  2. I love tomato soup with pretzels in it, or mased crackers. I've seen some people put goldfish crackers in it but...no, I don't think so. It is especially good with a crisply toasted grilled cheese sandwich to dip in it. *sigh*
    I think I should make supper.
    Summer Lee

  3. Hans, you are also massively envious of the pretty dress that she's wearing. Yes. Yes, you are.

    Mara loves tomato soup and grilled cheese. But what are these "mased crackers" you speak of, Summer? *giggles at typo*

    Mara's a little tense, guys. She doesn't know the cause, but she is calling it a "freak out". I think maybe she needs lots of hugs. Or chocolate? Or both?

    We have a seriously freaky sounding gang of owls living in our backyard. Weren't they freaky, Marabelle? I was trying to communicate with them. They weren't going for it. Maybe I just need to earn their owl trust.

    I am so glad you're superexcited. It makes you even more supercute.

  4. You bet I am. Of course, to sound manly, I have to add that I'm only jealous of the prettiness of the dress; I don't actually wish I were wearing a dress on Saturday, pretty or otherwise.

    Unless the problem is paranoia or obesity, hugs and chocolate should be a default solution to pretty much any problem.

    I wonder if you can earn owl trust with hugs and chocolate?

  5. Awww. *kicks dirt* You're all sparkly and stuff and you smell good and your dress was all swishy and fluttery as you flew out the door. You're going to have so much fun and I'm sure your singing and Andrew's playing are going to be just lovely. Yay!

    I hope you don't get chilly. [/Momish]