The world still turns when you're not around...

This computer is full of old games and files. I'm getting stuff all uninstalled, because I'm clever like that. Actually, it's because the computer is generally one way that I am not so much of a packrat.

I bought Anberlin's first CD with the points I got from the end of my CCM subscription (they printed their last issue in April, so they gave me free music to make up for it), and downloading it has not gone well so far. Stupid online music. I would much rather just go buy the CD, but that wouldn't be free. So whatever. But my goodness, this is complicated and annoying. Our computers are junk.

Hallelujah! I think it just worked! (in order for that to sound like me, you have to say 'hallelujah' phonetically, just for the record)

Today, being mother's day, I got Mom some flowers. They're pretty ones, too. I like them. I hope she really likes them and isn't just saying she likes them because she's my mom.

Snap. I might have messed this download up. Ugh, I am going to shoot myself if this doesn't work soon. Dumb internet.

Mmkay. Well, I'm going to close this window now, and hopefully that will help make this work better. See y'all later.

Okay, now I'm back and I'm going to edit more blogness into this post. My guess is no one has seen it yet, so I don't feel bad or anything. My downloads are finally working, but something is wrong with the audio device, which is probably a result of me uninstalling random things. I'm not really worried, because I read somewhere that you can just restart the computer and it will fix itself, and if that doesn't work I'll just download a driver off somewhere and that will hopefully fix it. Or something. It'll all work out. There are enough computer nerds in the family to make it happen.

My fingernails are black with red glitter. In other words: Awesome.

These downloads are sllloooowwww.

I hope we play something inside at youth group tonight. I don't want to kickthrowrun anymore.

Three more to go.

IIIIII think I want some coffee, but it's too late. Tomorrow morning there will be coffee though. Yes there will. I will make some deliciousness and I will love it and cherish it as I sip it during Algebra.

I should change out of my Spongebob pants into some jeans or something now. We need to leave.


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  1. I did that once; except that time I uninstalled some truly vital programs or whatnot, and the whole system went down with a titanic whimper, which was the last sound it made for quite some time.

    So, in your opinion, how does losing the magazine on your doorstep (or mailbox, I don't quibble) stack up against obtaining the permanence of the album?

    I don't know that I ever really get tired of kickthrowrun. I mean, I have an existence outside of it, but seriously, KICKTHROWRUN!


    Coffee is nice, especially on drippy, cold days like today. You raise an excellent point.