You said you would never leave me, I believe you, I believe...

Favorite line from that song, probably.  Today I'm going to pick up four copies of the Flyleaf album.  One for me, one for Andrew, one for Patrick, and one for Bridgewater.  Bridgewater is off the hook for paying me back though, because tomorrow is his salvation birthday.  One whole year of being a Christian!  Woo Hoo!

I have to go clean Grammy's house now, so this is just a short blog.  But since I haven't blogged in forever, I owed it to you.



  1. It's just your mom. *laugh*

    You're tucked in and we are all in the same house. I will probably sleep a little bit better tonight. *grin*

    For the record, don't bother ever eating at Los Portales in Iowa City, although the owner is a very nice man. We should've checked out the Ethiopian restaurant downtown, but your dad wasn't up for that.

    I love Em. I am glad the three of you enjoyed a nice girls' night. That conversation about Wisconsin was hilarious. I forgot to ask about tennis! How was it?

    Also, how was the chicken? Did you get it cooked all the way through?

    I got you a Christmas present while we were gone. *giggle* I am so jealous of it. Not really. Well, I am, but jealous in a good way.

    So you fiiiiiinally have the Flyleaf CD. That has taken forever. I love the lyrics to the song you quoted. The song you have on your playlist is so sad, though. Isn't it? Or am I just not getting it? Because that is possible you know.

    I hope you're not too worried about Jess. Keep praying, honey.

  2. I'm still not sure the Flyleaf album in its entirety wouldn't give me a headache. I love the singles, but they all sound alike, and when all ten tracks sound alike, it is a trial and a tribulation.

    You've blogged here more recently than I've updated my xanga. [/true story]

  3. My abs are going to hurt tomorrow. Yours are too.

    Mara: So Grace now takes a nap in the pack-n-play just for fun.

    Sophie: Can't she swallow tho...wait, what are you talking about?

    Mara: Um. A pack-n-play. Are you thinking of packing peanuts?

    Sophie: Oh.......yeah.

    Me: *laughs hysterically*

    Sophie: Yeah, I'm kinda like, 'So Grace sleeps in a box full of packing peanuts. That's not exactly safe...'