I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo...

Andy's surprise party was a success!  There were 23ish of us not counting adults, and we played Rock Band, MarioKart, and ping-pong all night long.  Lots of food.  Lots of friends.  Lots of fun.  Good times.

I am currently wearing an old worn out white t-shirt with "I'm A Ding-A-Ling!" scrawled across it in Sharpie and some pink and orange plaid shorts, and my hair is thrown up in a clippy thing.  I tell you the truth, I am uber comfy.

The Olson's are in town, so we've been chilling with them the last couple days.  Right now Zach is watching some comedian on YouTube, and I don't even know where Sophie and Tanner are at, and the little boys are in bed.  Today we went to see the Spiderwick Chronicles at the dollar theatre.  I thought it was pretty okay, and Zach and Tanner hated it.  Go figure *laugh*  It wasn't as bad as I expected though.  I also got some shorts at Aeropostale.  They're super cute.  I like 'em.

Rock Band is a cool game.

I think going to sleep sounds like a fantastic idea.  Goodnight!

Mara Tenille
The Butterfly


  1. Surprise parties are indescribably awesome.

    I envy your comfortability.

    Aeropostale? *giggle*
    You'll have to excuse my laughter, I just find Aeropostale makes me giggle, especially when my non-uber-preppy friends happen to wear it.

    ! Blue Camry rides again! *howl *

  2. Whoo!! way to go wearing the i am a ding a ling shirt. I was a ding a ling it was awesome. lol Nice good for you for being confy do that while you can. is that how you spell confy? owell Question why is the title of this writing called i'm a creep, i'm a weirdo? You are not either of those such things.

  3. Jessire--It's a quote from a song by Radiohead. Although I think it's probably quoted from the Anberlin cover of said Radiohead tune. So it's actually Stephen Christian and Thome Yorke that are creeps, not so much Mara.

  4. Yes, it's on the Anberlin CD she received for her birthday. Sometimes she uses song lines that have very little to do with what seems obvious. Even though I still try to figure out what she's thinking. *laugh*

    Mara, the Tale of Twin Cities DVD is a bit on the long side, I think. I think Friday night may be our only option as long as your Dad doesn't have other plans. And we need to start it earlyish because we have a long day the next day. In bed by 10:00 would be good.

    You need to make cookies, too. That can happen during the movie. Then we can eat all of the mistakes.

    OH! Remind me to tell you about your dad's business trip!

  5. Since I know you love words so much:


    Pretend that is written on a poster in your locker with butterfly stickers all over it and little trails in glittery markers so it looks like they're flying. And streamers have flown out at you when you open it.

    I know you don't need the fanfare, but it's fun to be a bit extravagant at times. Even if it's imaginary. *laugh*

    *gasp* Do you realize you are only a few short weeks away from never having a locker again? Wow. Next year is going to be sooooo different, Marabelle! It's exciting, but weird! I will probably cry. Just warning you.