In all these twisted thoughts, I see Jesus there, in between...

Today I am cleaning, because my friend Cara is coming over for dinner.  That means that in a little while I will also be cooking.  Scary.  But inviting her over for dinner was a great way to get to know one of my lovely new friends, and also a way to force me to clean my crap up.  So it was a win-win!

I injured myself slightly.  I scraped up my calf because I fell through a rubbermaid container.  Yes.  Through it.  I needed to fix the slightly broken blinds on my window, and instead of going and getting my step stool that I got because I am too short to reach anything important, I decided I would just stand on the rubbermaid container that was filled with clothes.  It apparently was not full enough to support my weight, and the lid broke, and I fell all over the place.  It was hilarious.  And now I need some duct tape.

I just burned my hand on some hot soup, and it hurts.

I just purchased my first Dashboard Confessional album.  This seems like a monumental thing, like I should celebrate and have a party or something.  But instead I'm going to listen to it while I clean.  That is almost the same, because when I clean, a lot of dancing and hopping around happens.  True story.

Well, it's time for me to shower, sweep, figure out what I'm cooking, and then grocery shop, and then cook.  Lots to do.  Laterz.

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