If I were a monster would you wince when you looked at me? If I was a freak would you stare?

I'm chock-full of new songs lately. I would really like to know where the phrase "chock-full" came from.

LifeLight was absolutely fantastic.  We rocked out, we danced, we laughed hysterically, we were too loud late at night and got the police called on us, and we had the best time ever.  I miss everyone already just because it was so fun.  LifeLight 2011 will be even better, because it will be the 5th year that the original 6 of us have gone.  The Original 6 as we like to call them were myself, Andrew, Andy, Emily, Kacy, and Elise.  We had a blast that first year, but then we decided to share with a few others, and now there are about 10 of us that go.

I got to meet Aaron Gillespie.  We had a conversation.  A short one, but it was chock-full of meaningful interaction. (I decided to say chock-full as many times as I can)  He was just as insanely awesome in person as he was in my mind.  Greatness radiates off of that man.  In all seriousness though, I am a huge fan of Aaron's music, and I think he has a real heart for the Lord.  Getting to meet him was awesome.

Someday I'm going to be in The Almost, just so you're all ready.  They were super great in concert.  So was David Crowder and House of Heroes and, of course, Family Force 5.  FF5 did 3 sets, including one acoustic set that was actually really great.  We all loved it.  I got to meet them again too, and Chap Stique gave me a Silly Band shaped like a trumpet.

While I was there I saw a guy speak about a ministry called cloth your neighbor as yourself.  I loved the message he gave, and upon researching his ministry a little more after hearing about it initially I decided I loved it.  I bought a shirt while I was there, and I think you all should too.

Lots more fun things happened, and we all had a lot of fun, and I wish you could have been there to join us.  So, next year, you must go.  For sure.



  1. I'm glad you had a good time. I used to go to Spirit West Coast, but the bands started being not Five Iron Frenzy, so I stopped going. ;) Honestly, it was a lot more than that. I need to listen to more newer music, though.

  2. It was a great time. It was fun to see you after talking to Aaron Gillespie. You were pretty ecstatic.

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  4. MAN! That sounds AWESOME! I love FF5!
    Did Soph' go? Well, next year I could ask my mom if we can go...

    Or possibly... maybe... possibly not...
    I could go with you and your AWESOME TEENAGER FRIENDS!

    Teens are fun... cool... fun to hang with... and awesome + fun = funsome...

    P.S. Cheese is epic...

  5. Oh my gracious. My daughter is a nut. No, she will not be joining you and your friends.

  6. thanks alot mom.... : - (
    you crushed my dreams forever and ever