I was young, but I wasn't naive...

I miss Andrew a lot today. More than normal. Long distance relationships are ridiculous. As if we didn't already have enough things making our relationship difficult.

I am waiting for two packages. One is a new cellphone battery which supposedly will last longer than the one that is in it now. I get about 5 hours out of my phone with what I would consider moderate use. I get 7 or 8 without using it a lot. Even if this new battery doesn't last as long, it will at least be a good back-up.

The second package I'm waiting on is my new sewing machine. I am really, really excited for it. I've been talking about getting one for a long time, so I'm getting geared up to finally learn how to sew. Maybe soon I'll even be able to sew some little girl dresses for Kim's project.

Yesterday I got to feed a tiny baby. I'm used to the big babies that I watch, but baby Noah is only 2 or 3 weeks old. His mommy and I have been friends since junior high, so I've been pretty excited for her and her husband to have this baby. I got to feed him and hold him, and Friday I'm going to watch him so Liz can get some stuff done around the house and so she and Ethan can have a night out.

I drank a lot more coffee today than I usually do. 3 cups. That's a lot for me. I usually make that much and then drink half a cup or so, but today it was extra delicious.

I want to make music. I toy with the idea of music as a profession sometimes. Doubt I'd ever get that far, but still, I can pretend.

A week or 2 ago Anberlin decided they were going to release a new CD without telling me. Well, thanks to Amazon's deal of the day, I ended up downloading it that day for $4. Ohmyword. It is really good. Reminds me a lot of their older music, meshed with even more awesome. Definitely redeems them from the mediocrity that was New Surrender, in my opinion. I haven't really listened to it a whole lot, but I'll probably throw out a more thorough review after I've had a chance to listen to it more.

I should get back to conquering the world now.


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