I know you're leaving In the morning when you wake up, leave me with some kind of proof it's not a dream...

Today I picked up the keys for my apartment.  I am insanely excited about it.  I know I haven't mentioned it a whole lot, but long story short, I am getting a cute little studio apartment in Des Moines, right by where I work.  It's going to be super fun.  I'm starting to move stuff over tomorrow, but official move-in day is the 7th.  Sorry if I've already blogged about this.  I don't remember what I've written or if I've written anything.  I use Twitter a lot and sometimes I forget what I blogged and what I tweeted.  Twittered.  Twitted.  Hahaha.  Anyway, so yes, starting tomorrow I'm moving stuff over.  I'm excited for that.  Then the 6th we go to IKEA and get a lot of furniture, hopefully, so that the few people who are coming to help me move can carry it up to the 3rd floor (heck yes) and assemble it.  If you've bought anything from IKEA, you probably know that putting stuff together that comes from there is no simple task.  Along with the cheapness comes complicatedness.  Haha.  But it's worth it, because IKEA stuff rocks.

So.  21 days before Andrew leaves.  For the last several days I have felt like I am kind of about to cry at any second.  So far I haven't.  But I will.  Lots.

I went on vacation.  That was exciting.  I kind of went on two vacations, even.  The first vacation was to Door County with Andrew and his family.  I had a lot of fun with them, hanging out on the cabin at the lake with his parents and siblings and grandparents and a couple of his cousins.  We did fun stuff, like going to a candy store called the Yum Yum Tree and this ice cream place where you can get a giant huge massive sundae with five softball-sized scoops of whatever ice cream you want and toppings and whipped cream and cherries.  I got all the cherries on me and Andrew's sundae.  I also consumed a large portion of the whipped cream.  Not to mention far, far too much ice cream.  But it was fun.  After Door County for a few days, I went to Mount Rushmore with my family, which was really great.  We saw some bison.  Actually, they basically surrounded our van and trapped us in the middle of Custer State Park.  Which was hilarious.  And we saw many prairie dogs.  They are really cute and funny, and we learned that they don't drink water.  We went to Wall Drug twice, and I got a shirt there.  I also got Andrew a cool knife while I was there.  We saw some other stuff too, like the Badlands and stuff.  And Mount Rushmore of course.  Mount Rushmore is pretty boss, I have to say.

I'm kind of lame at blogging right now, so I'm just going to be done.  Love you all.


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  1. Hello. It's Mom. I woke up and can't get back to sleep. We are heading to IKEA in...2 1/2 hours.

    I am a weird mixture of thoughts and emotions about your leaving.

    I wish I knew your password so I could hijack your blog.