It's so simple to be afraid...

I am deathly ill.  Not really deathly, but I'm all sickly and gross feeling.  Yesterday I was running a fever all day.  Today I'm not running a fever, but I still feel like carp, and I'm debating with myself over whether or not I'm going to go to Makensie's house this afternoon with the girls.  I want to, but I don't want to get illness everywhere.  So I don't know.  I'm arguing with myself over that one.

Tomorrow I have to have a halfway decent singing voice for church.  Hopefully that'll happen.

The pancake breakfast today went well, apparently.  I didn't go until 11, because I'm so sickly, but everyone said it was good.  We made lots of money, so that's good.

This blog post is pretty pointless.  Mostly I just feel bad for not posting in so long, so I'm just throwing random stuff out there.  I guess I'm done now though.



  1. You didn't need your singing voice after all.

    Funny quote from yesterday:
    "OK, it really creeps me out when their little outfits are skin-colored."

    So...Marabelle...I'm curious...are you going to continue moving the vase from room to room once the flowers are gone? *poke*

    On a more serious note, Dad and I are very proud of you. With good reason. *love*

  2. I am sympathetically pseudo-alarmed. I am only pseudo-alarmed, because I have a number of reasons for thinking you'll be fine, before too long. Otherwise, I would be drastically alarmed.

    You might be past the contagious stage, notwithstanding debilitation of body.

    I have never felt like a carp, precisely, but as they tend to be cold, hard-eyed, slimy customers, we plainly are birds of a feather. ;)

    I'm pleased you didn't have to marshal a singing voice from the vacuum of songless hoarseness.

    Pancake breakfasts are Le Bomb.

    Pwaffle. Random stuff is the essence of life.

  3. Today was quite the mixed bag for you, wasn't it? You're forced to stay home against your will, but you got to finish your book. They take your blood with a big, icky needle, leaving a big blue bruise, but now you have sparkly butterflies on your wall. I didn't let you get kids from karate, but now you get to fall into a deeply drugged sleep. Speaking of drugs, if you are at all entertaining after taking your medicine, I'm going to invite people over to watch you take it tomorrow night. We'll ask embarrassing questions that you will hopefully answer and not remember in the morning. All because I love you, of course. *wink*

  4. Are you writing music in there? *whisper*